The Control line

Historische Schuhmodelle

The Control line 

According to our experience, foot outlines might be deformed by faxing or scanning, and deviations in length or width are the result.

In order to avoid this, we always require the so-called "control line", if the foot outlines are faxed or mailed, with indication of length and width, as follows:

With a pencil, the lh and rh foot are outlined on a piece of paper. Then, the length is measured from the heel to the longest toe and indicated in cm. Please proceed in the same way for the width.

Further, we need the following information:
Position A = position of the tape measure when you measure the ball and circumference in cm
Position B = position of the tape measure when
you measure the instep and circumference in cm

Also, please let us know which size is applicable for us if the size measured deviates from the quoted size of shoe.

Attention: shoes are non-returnable!